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Maximize Your Benefit Dollars


After payroll costs employee benefit premiums are typically the largest employer expense incurred.  Great care must be taken to ensure maximum return on the employer’s investment.  Among the initial steps of the MDG process is to define the employer’s annual benefit budget in the short-term and long-term.  Following the budget discussion MDG works with clients to identify key employee benefit plan priorities.  With the budget and plan priorities in mind MDG advises clients on how to achieve maximum value from its benefit dollars.

Key considerations are:

  • Benefit Plan Funding Arrangements
    • Fully insured
    • Self insured
    • Partially self insured
  • Employer and Employee costs share
    • Consider relevant benchmark data
    • Survey employees
  • Provider Network Access
    • Interstate employers
    • Single vs. multiple carrier strategies
  • Network Utilization
    • Incentivize In Network care
    • Analyze Out of Network utilization
  • Claims Utilization
    • Target sustainable loss ratios
    • Quantify value of benefits to employees

Employers have a variety of tools and strategy options available to maximize their benefit dollars.  MDG works with clients to develop, implement, and monitor the optimal solutions available.  Contact MDG to learn more.