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Government Contractors

MDG’s experience with government contractors dates back to our agency’s founding by Marty D. Guyer in 1973. As a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps, Marty possessed an understanding of Department of Defense contract requirements. This expertise led to innovative employee benefits strategy. Our client’s were able to reduce costs and win more federal, state, and city contracts.

Today, our staff maintains an expertise in the Federal Code of Regulations (FAR), Davis Bacon Act, and the Service Contract Act (SCA). In addition to federal contracting expertise MDG understands the unique nuances of local Living Wage and Prevailing Wage Ordinances. If your company has employees working on a federal, state, county, or city funded contract, MDG can improve your profit margins while increasing employee benefit plan quality and reducing your administrative burden.

With the implementation of the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) government contractors have an opportunity to increase their profit margins via employee benefit plan strategy. Contractors should provide the hourly Health & Welfare (H&W) Supplemental Fringe Rate in the form of employee benefits (health insurance, retirement benefits etc) instead of paying the Health & Welfare to employees as extra payroll in their checks. By providing the H&W in the form or employee benefits instead of taxable payroll the employer saves significantly in reduced taxes and payroll burden. The employer also saves by avoiding health care reform (PPACA) penalties. See our savings illustration here.

MDG provides government contractors with PPACA compliant health insurance and retirement benefit programs that require little administration, increase employer profits and avoid PPACA penalties. Learn more about how your company can save here.