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Tis the Season for Holiday Wellness

The holidays are often the busiest time of the year for a lot of people which can make it hard to stay mentally and physically healthy.  With a little intentionality and understanding, you can fully enjoy the holidays while keeping your health in mind.

6 Tips to Make Your Holidays Brighter:

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is often the first thing to go during a busy holiday season.  Poor sleep, especially over a period of a few weeks, leads to poor functioning: it impacts your immune system, ability to concentrate and your mood – all things that make you even more stressed out.  It’s a vicious circle.

Prioritize “Me Time”

Taking some much needed “me time” isn’t selfish; taking care of yourself is one of the best mental wellness gifts you can receive.  Do some yoga, take a walk, relax in the bathtub, or simply take some time to catch up on some reading.  Your mental health will thank you for it.

Practice Self-Control When It Comes to Food

Cookies, muffins, cakes and countless other temptations are prevalent during the season! The holidays are a time when a lot of people pull out their stretchy pants from the back of their closets so they can eat sweets and delicious foods to their hearts’ content. It’s okay to enjoy holiday treats but it’s important to be mindful of your choices and then balance your treats with healthy foods.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Last Minute Stress

Staying on top of your errands and to-do list by thinking ahead.  Getting your holiday shopping done early helps you avoid the stress of last-minute shopping when you might not be able to find the things on your list.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is an excellent way to destress.  But don’t worry if you miss some time at the gym – the holidays are always busy and making your regular 7 a.m. spin class after a holiday party probably isn’t going to happen, and that’s okay.  Focus on simply moving your body.  Take the stairs or park your car further away from your destination to get some more steps in!

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Pinterest floods your feed with extravagant party decorations.  Not to mention seeing beautifully decorated homes in TV commercials or social media posts of lavish gifts can make you feel overwhelmed. You might even start to think your holiday celebrations aren’t up to par.  Just remember: your holiday traditions are your own and they don’t have to be like anyone else’s.

While the holidays can feel exhausting, it’s also a time to be enjoyed and savored.  Make time for the activities you enjoy this season, such as Christmas baking, holiday movies, ice skating, and favorite family traditions.  But most importantly, be present.  That’s the best tip of them all.


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